Welcome to the Bastards of Kingsgrave!

The Bastards of Kingsgrave (BOK) is a bastard podcast, an offshoot of A Podcast of Ice and Fire, the longest-running podcast dedicated to the epic glory of George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire (ASOIAF) saga. The Bastards of Kingsgrave was founded in May 2012, to allow the 4 podcast hosts (Amin, Mimi, Kyle and Ashley) as well as their listeners and forum members to podcast about a variety of other artistic and pop culture topics, including TV shows, movies, novels, comics, games, etc.

One feature of the Bastards of Kingsgrave is that the hosts and the majority of our guests are fans of ASOIAF, active on our forums and are aware of the terminology and jokes developed during the four year run (so far) of our ASOIAF podcast. So, most episodes may contain spoilers from the ASOIAF series, so it highly recommended that you read that series first or accept that there may be references to and spoilers about that series. For explanation of some of the terminology (spoilers for all ASOIAF books in these following links!), check herehere and here.

To discuss BOK episodes in detail, or to suggest future episodes topics or to guest host with us, check out the BOK subforum, one of the forums at the main APOIAF website.

To subscribe to us, use the RSS feed on this website, which will work in iTunes or any other RSS reader. Or search for us in the iTunes podcast store.

Below is the fabled history of the BOK (put together by Lex), which will only make sense if you have read the ASOIAF series:

The Bastards of Kingsgrave, an ambitious offshoot of House Manwoody, were first spawned during the reign of Mad King Aerys, when the Lord of Kingsgrave, old Dickard Manwoody, was returning home from a hunt. Somewhere in the Prince’s Pass, Lord Dickard stopped at a brothel, where he gave a whore a feathered hat. Nine months later, the first Bastard of Kingsgrave came into the world, red-faced and squalling. His name… was Dickon Sand.

Years later, Lord Dickard’s son and heir, Dagos Manwoody, became the Lord of Kingsgrave. Having heard of the existence of his bastard brother, and fearing him as a potential rival, Lord Dagos sent a promising young knight to the brothel in the Prince’s Pass, to dispatch the young bastard. The identity of the assassin is not known for a certainty, but it is said that he was “of the night”.

The assassin crept into the brothel under cover of darkness, and entered into the bastard’s bedchamber. However, a creaking door gave him away, warning his prey of the danger. The assassin failed to kill young Dickon, managing only to maim the boy’s face before he escaped.

Young Dickon fled with his mother, who took him all the way south to the Planky Town at the mouth of the Greenblood, where she felt they would be safe. Tutored by dockside whores and cutthroats, and raised on fiery Dornish peppers, blood oranges, and games of cyvasse, young Dickon grew tall and strong. When his mother finally revealed the secret of his noble blood, Dickon Sand grew proud. Some might say overproud. He cast off his bastard name, taking up the name of Sandwoody. He took as his sigil an inverted Manwoody skull, crowned with a hat of luxuriant feathers. And he swore an oath, a terrible oath, that someday he would return to the Red Mountains and take his half-brother’s castle for his own. Thus was born the first Bastard of Kingsgrave.

One response to “Welcome to the Bastards of Kingsgrave!

  1. This is hilarious.
    I don’t watch Legend and/or Star but will definitively listen to future episodes on different subjects.
    I wish house Sandwoody much success in it’s journey and would like to know House Sandwoody’s words.

    Yours in appreciation, Anna Snowoody.

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