Episode 2: Star Trek TNG/DS9/Voyager

A huge episode  for the modern Star Trek fans with an aftershow in the APOIAF Guys Night Out style.

Featuring Voyager haters Daniel/Death_Sheep, Jonathan/NavyJedi, and Jordan/TDuck, with Vikram/fortytwo defending Janeway and crew.

To download mp3s of the episodes, click the download tab at the top of the page.

Episode 2 download link (right click and download).

5 responses to “Episode 2: Star Trek TNG/DS9/Voyager

  1. Captains:

  2. Nice, Lezuzius! Do you know where this is from? I’ve never seen the five of them together.

  3. Yes, it was a first timer. I saw it on facebook, but after some research: it was the Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con earlier this month:


  4. Very cool, thanks for the follow-up!

  5. Welcome.
    And contrags on the episode, it was great to listen to it. I’m also still watching re-runs of ST of whenever I can catch on tv, so actually half of my Saturdays and Sundays are covered 🙂

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