Episode 16: Age of Empires 2 – The Age of Kings


The first gaming related Bastards of Kingsgrave episode, this episode focuses on the classic RTS Age of Empires 2: The Age of Kings. I am joined by guest host Dave, a good friend and fellow gamer. In regards to the current forms of AOK, we rave about the great fan expansion Forgotten Empires and rant about the release of AOK HD. Here is the promised page with old AOK screenshots and recorded games. Note: In the months since the release of this podcast episode, AOK HD has much improved (though it still has  problems) and is playable now. In fact, we do play it, and may do an updated podcast on it in the future.

Episode 16 download link (right click and download).

4 responses to “Episode 16: Age of Empires 2 – The Age of Kings

  1. Interesting podcast, I enjoyed it a lot. I used to play AoK all the time, but more like it was SimCity. I would build a very elegant base, with a premium on straight lines of houses and organized building, and then, after I reached imperial age I would build a massive army and go on a grand tour, smiting in turn those (low difficulty) computer opponents who harassed me while I was building my glorious empire. I was relatively young at the time, but it somehow never occurred to me that people played it competitively like Starcraft. Anyway, I enjoyed it, thanks Amin.

  2. I’m right there with you Mordion! I was never into competitive online play. I treated it as a more of a role playing society/war game.

  3. I played a lot with the Age of empires series, but only the campaign mod, didn’t had any internet (not even modem) at that time, later I guess I was just afraid that I run into some experts (like Amin and co 🙂 ) and I won’t have any fun on being hammered.
    But after this podcast I got nostalgic so maybe I will try out if I have some time.
    Also we should try out this map (actually I was expecting more of this, but probably it’s a big work to put such a map/scenario together):

  4. Oh man , this podcast made me so nostalgic. I didn’t play at ur level Amin, just against computer because internet was shitty at that time in India. I remember being so impressed when they put in the formations, they didn’t have it in AGE 1.

    I’m glad i didn’t buy AGE 2 HD, i’m gonna try find the original game and start playing again. – fortytwo

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