Episode 18: Battlestar Galactica

Ashley hosts the long awaited episode on Battlestar Galactica with three guest hosts. It contains an extensive session of House Sandwoody’s Snakes and Scorpions game.

Notes: Ashley had some sort of microphone issue this episode, resulting in echo talk. Not much that can be done about that.

To download mp3s of the episodes, click the download tab at the top of the page.

Episode 18 download link (right click and download).

3 responses to “Episode 18: Battlestar Galactica

  1. Good one guys. I’m one of those people who only enjoyed BSG upto season 2. But ur podcast reminded me how good atleast those 2 seasons where. I’m going to go back and rewatch the series now. – Fortytwo

  2. I loved listening to you guys! And it was a real fun episode, even with the technical difficulties

  3. Good episode, I enjoyed it. Although Amin needs to clarify the game rules: if I remember correctly we also had one-nighter and the last option was scorpion on yourself, not on the candidate šŸ˜‰

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