Episode 23: Unsound Variations


Amin is joined by guest hosts Mordion and Vikram to review George RR Martin’s chess short story Unsound Variations. It is a spoiler FULL episode where we dive into every aspect of the story, analyzing it and trying to draw connections to George’s other works and career. This is the first of a series of episodes planned to cover some of George’s short stories and novels that predate A Song of Ice and Fire.

Notes: Unsound Variations is available in Dreamsongs Volume II. It also might be contained as part of this ebook. As noted in the episode, APOIAF is still up for daily voting at the podcast awards (under entertainment), the last day being November 15th.

Episode 23 download link (right click and download).

One response to “Episode 23: Unsound Variations

  1. Great idea for an episode!
    There aren’t enough discussions on the net regarding Martin’s non-aSoIaF works. I’d love to listen to more podcasts on those, though I think next times you should use a scene-by-scene analysis.

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