Episode 25: Steins;Gate


Amin and Ashley review the anime Steins;Gate (and yes that semicolon is supposed to be there). It is a spoiler filled review that was recorded like so many BOK episodes: right after an APOIAF episode recording.   As all meosters know, no BOK episode on a new topic is complete without the Snakes and Scorpions aftershow.

Notes: The funny clip in the aftershow was from Gigguk’s review.

Episode 25 download link (right click and download).

2 responses to “Episode 25: Steins;Gate

  1. Great episode! A little on the short side but you guys covered all the bases pretty well. I guess I have just one thing to add to something you guys touched on which is the subway scene… I know you were meant to be horrified by what happens, but was I the only one who felt nothing other than violent laughter? That was one of the most badly staged scenes I’ve ever seen in my life. I like Stein’s Gate, but that one scene is just so hilariously bad… It amuses me greatly that this show can deftly and economically handle something as complex and convoluted as time-travel, yet can completely botch a very basic scene of simple shock value.


  2. Thanks for the feedback!

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