Episode 57: Hearthstone III


AKA “The Ice Dragon” – Amin’s favourite new TGT card

Bastards of Kingsgrave returns with the third episode in our Hearthstone series.  We discuss many of the revealed cards for the upcoming Grand Tournament expansion. We chat about our favourite classes and play styles, including which gold heroes we have or are close to achieving.

Notes: We assume everyone listening this time is familiar with the game, if you are not, check out our first two episode (the first introduces the game and the second covers arena drafting and strategy). The draft of the “paladin dragon” arena deck did not make it into the aftershow; the deck went 3-0 before we sopped playing to recording the main show.

Episode 57 download link (right click and download).


Not actually drawn by Luis Royo

4 responses to “Episode 57: Hearthstone III

  1. My tag is artiswar. Add me Amin. Or anybody. I’m not a veteran but I’m pretty good, though I’ve had bad luck with packs. Only 1 legendary so far. I almost have 1600 dust for the first time and not sure what I’m going to get… After listening to your last podcast I actually reached 7 wins in arena with a paladin deck similar to the one you were running. So thanks for the inspiration.

    • Thanks for the comment! We’ll add you to battle net, you should join our podcast forums as we have a subforum dedicated to hearthstone there now. We discuss the game, plan fight nights, etc, all there.

  2. I should do that. But I’m still kind of behind (only have one legendary, soon to be 2), and with the new expansion I’m once again struggling to keep up as many of my cards are a bit obsolete now.

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