Episode 61: Kare Kano – His and Her Circumstances


Bastards of Kingsgrave’s anime/manga crew reviews the classic anime Kare Kano – His and Her Circumstances. We discuss the history behind the creation of the show, compare the anime to the manga, and discuss the end of the story. We wrap up with a chat about the latest Attack on Titan manga chapters.

Notes:  All discussions are spoiler filled, as usual. Cherry Blossoms scene on Youtube.


Kare Kano Anime Chat: Beginning

Kare Kano Manga Chat: 22.5 min minutes in.

Attack on Titan Chat: 47 minutes in.

Episode 61 download link (right click and download).



2 responses to “Episode 61: Kare Kano – His and Her Circumstances

  1. aslm, makin bnykin lagi dong emotionnya, biar jadi mkn asik klo FB’an sma tmn2, gambarnya lbh menarikin lagi dan lbh bkn getnneragnen

  2. Jason, you would save yourself a lot of time and aggravation if you just issued DMCA takedown notices…[FROM JRB: Right, well, that’s the thing, I didn’t want to get all legal and punitive. The point was just to engage people who are doing something that they may not even know is an infringement.]

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