Episode 70: Anime and Manga Update II


Note quite an Anime and Manga Corner, our usual crew from Vassals of Kingsgrave returns as we start off with chatting about the One Punch Man dub and manga. We cover about the latest chapters of Attack on Titan (16-28 minutes). After that we chat about Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san (manga) and some of the shows of the current anime season.

Notes: All discussions are spoiler filled, as usual.

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Episode 69: Poldark


Bastards of Kingsgrave covers the BBC One series Poldark. Guest hosts Aiwendil (Alix) and Nymeria (Marie) from Vassals of Kingsgrave join for a spoiler filled discussion of seasons 1 and 2.

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Episode 68: Anime and Manga Corner VII


One year after our last full Anime and Manga Corner, Bastards of Kingsgrave follows up with a discussion of the Fall 2016 season.  We begin with a full spoiler discussion of the latest Attack on Titan chapters. We continue with a review of the the completed anime Orange (20 minutes in) and the completed manga Tetsugaku Leutra (32 minutes in), a rant about the unsurprising ending to Nissekoi (34 minutes in), and a detailed discussion of the first few episodes of Kiss Him Not Me (36 minutes in). We expand our discussion in the aftershow, talking about and comparing the latest Marvel and DC movies.

Notes: All discussions are spoiler filled, as usual.

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Episode 67: Anime and Manga at Comic Con 2016


Bastards of Kingsgrave talks about Comic Con 2016, with our perspective focused on the anime and manga events. Our regular anime/manga corner crew cover the latest chapters of Attack on Titan and what they are watching this season before getting into the convention chat.

Episode 67 download link (right click and download).

This episode was recorded in July. Spoiler filled anime/manga chat (0-26 min, Comic Con chat 26 min onwards).
Check out the APOIAF episode for the full discussion of our Comic Con 2016 adventures.

Episode 66: Warcraft


Bastards of Kingsgrave returns to movie reviews to cover one of the most controversial movies of the summer, Wacraft. Joined by Thomas (FTWard) and Zach (Alias), we consider it from a collective  Wacraft background that includes experiences from Warcraft 1/2/3 to WOW and most recently Hearthstone.

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Notes: Below are the Warcraft trailer with War2 sounds and the Wacraft 1 intro that could easily be talking about the movie.

Episode 65: Anime North 2016


Recorded in late June, we cover Anime North 2016, held in Toronto, Canada. We cover our experiences at the convention, taking part as panelists (together for Game of Thrones and Black Lagoon, along with a long list of separate panels), staying once again at the International Plaza Hotel, and doing a group cosplay together for the first time.

Notes:  The convention itself marked the four year anniversary of the founding of the Bastards of Kingsgrave podcast! Like last year, we will be part of a fan panel for A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones at San Diego Comic Con 2016.

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Episode 64: One Punch Man


Bastards of Kingsgrave one punches its way to your anime heart with a review of One Punch Man. Ashley returns to join the regular anime crew as we discuss the anime in the main show, then have a full spoiler discussion of the manga and webcomic in the aftershow. We also discuss our potential panels at the upcoming Anime North 2016.

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