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Episode 82: Comic Con 2019 / Anime and Manga Corner XI

Bastards of Kingsgrave talks about Comic Con 2019,  in particular our experiences setting the world record at the Dragonball World Tour and attending the Orville Experience. After the initial convention chat, we proceed with our Anime and Manga corner: talking about Dragonball, One Punch Man Season 2, what we are watching this anime season and what we are reading, and the Kyoto Animation tragedy. In the aftershow, we talk about the latest monumental manga chapters of Attack on Titan and our general thoughts on whether the manga has lost its way the past few years.

Episode 82 download link (right click and download).

Notes (Order of Discussion):
Comic Con 2019
Dragonball in the past six year (including the last few movies and Super)
One Punch Man
Attack on Titan latest anime season
Vinland Saga anime
Kyoto Animation
Filler/Gap/Break debate for popular anime
Other anime this season (including the Fruits Basket remake)
Danberu nan kilo moteru?

Aftershow: Attack on Titan latest manga chapters