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Warning: Episodes contain spoilers for their individual subject topics. As the Bastards of Kingsgrave community is rooted in that of The Podcast of Ice and Fire, episodes may also contain spoilers for any published book in George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series (including Hedge Knight short stories), any aired episode of HBO’s Game of Thrones, explicit content on par with the series content, and occasional references to creaking doors.

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Episode 83: Bitterblooms and In the House of the Worm
Episode 82: Comic Con 2019 / Anime and Manga Corner XI
Episode 81: Anime North 2019
Episode 80: Convention Season 2019
Episode 79: Anime and Manga Corner X
Episode 78: Detective Conan
Episode 77: Anime North 2018
Episode 76: Anime and Manga Corner IX
Episode 75: Doki Doki Literature Club
Episode 74: Anime North 2017
Episode 73: Anime and Manga Corner VIII
Episode 72: Dying of the Light
Episode 71: Nightflyers
Episode 70: Anime and Manga Update II
Episode 69: Poldark
Episode 68: Anime and Manga Corner VII
Episode 67: Anime and Manga at Comic Con 2016
Episode 66: Warcraft
Episode 65: Anime North 2016
Episode 64: One Punch Man
Episode 63: Anime and Manga Update
Episode 62: Avatar TLA Comics – Smoke and Shadow Part I & II
Episode 61: Kare Kano – His and Her Circumstances
Episode 60: Hearthstone IV
Episode 59: Anime and Manga Corner VI
Episode 58: Ore Monogatari II
Episode 57: Hearthstone III
Episode 56: Anime North 2015
Episode 55: Anime and Manga Corner V
Episode 54: Jurassic World
Episode 53: Ore Monogatari!!
Episode 52: Avatar TLA Comics – The Rift Part III
Episode 51: Run to Starlight and The Last Super Bowl Game
Episode 50: Anime and Manga Corner IV
Episode 49: Hearthstone II
Episode 48: Anime and Manga Corner III
Episode 47: The Monkey Treatment and The Pear-Shaped Man
Episode 46: Anime and Manga Corner II
Episode 45: Avatar TLA Comics – The Rift II
Episode 44: San Diego Comic Con 2014
Episode 43: Meathouse Man
Episode 42: Twin Spica
Episode 41: Portraits of His Children
Episode 40: Puella Magi Madoka Magica – Rebellion
Episode 39: With Morning Comes Mistfall
Episode 38: Anime and Manga Corner I
Episode 37: Sandkings
Episode 36: Hearthstone
Episode 35: The Second Kind of Loneliness
Episode 34: Ice and Fire Con 2014 (Salvaged Episode)
Episode 33: A Song for Lya
Episode 32: Anime North 2014
Episode 31: Mount and Blade Warband
Episode 30: Avatar TLA Comics – The Rift I
Episode 29: Game of Thrones Chat
Episode 28: The Devil Is a Part-Timer
Episode 27: Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Episode 26: Avatar TLA Comics III
Episode 25: Steins;Gate
Episode 24: Attack on Titan (Manga)
Episode 23: Unsound Variations
Episode 22: Watamote and Social Anxiety Discussion
Episode 21: Attack on Titan (Anime)
Episode 20: Avatar TLOK S02:E3
Episode 19: Avatar TLOK S02:E1-2
Episode 18: Battlestar Galactica
Episode 17: Avatar TLA Comics II
Episode 16: Age of Empires 2 – The Age of Kings
Episode 15: Avatar TLA Comics
Episode 14: Doctor Who
Episode 13: Ouran High School Host Club
Episode 12: Firefly
Episode 11: B Gata H Kei
Episode 10: Black Lagoon
Episode 9: Sailor Moon II
Episode 8: The Legend of Korra S01Finale Review
Episode 7: The Legend of Korra S01E10 Review
Episode 6: Hercules & Xena
Episode 5: The Legend of Korra S01E09 Review
Episode 4: Sailor Moon
Episode 3: The Legend of Korra S01E08 Review
Episode 2: Star Trek TNG/DS9/Voyager
Episode 1: The Legend of Korra

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