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Episode 71: Nightflyers

After 2 years, Bastards of Kingsgrave resurrects our reviews of George RR Martin’s earlier works. We launch into a lengthy, spoiler filled discussion about Nightflyers, a horror short that was re-released as a novella that won the 1983 Seiun Award (called by some the “Japanese Hugo”). We discuss the questionable movie adaptation and try to find links between Nightflyers and A Song of Ice and Fire, entertaining a couple exotic theories.

Notes: Nightflyers is most readily available in Dreamsongs Volume I. This episode was recorded in February 2017, exactly 2 months ago. The end music themes are from the Nightflyers movie soundtrack.

Episode 71 download link (right click and download).

Episode 51: Run to Starlight and The Last Super Bowl Game

Bastards of Kingsgrave continues our reviews of George RR Martin’s earlier works with two short stories from the 1970s. With the football season ending and the Super Bowl this past weekend, it seemed only appropriate to cover Run to Starlight and The Last Super Bowl. We provide a spoiler filled discussion of both works, with the podcasting crew divided over the former, while united in appreciation for the latter.

Notes: The episode was recorded before the Super Bowl, which explains the pro-Seahawks hopes.

Episode 51 download link (right click and download).