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Episode 82: Comic Con 2019 / Anime and Manga Corner XI

Bastards of Kingsgrave talks about Comic Con 2019,  in particular our experiences setting the world record at the Dragonball World Tour and attending the Orville Experience. After the initial convention chat, we proceed with our Anime and Manga corner: talking about Dragonball, One Punch Man Season 2, what we are watching this anime season and what we are reading, and the Kyoto Animation tragedy. In the aftershow, we talk about the latest monumental manga chapters of Attack on Titan and our general thoughts on whether the manga has lost its way the past few years.

Episode 82 download link (right click and download).

Notes (Order of Discussion):
Comic Con 2019
Dragonball in the past six year (including the last few movies and Super)
One Punch Man
Attack on Titan latest anime season
Vinland Saga anime
Kyoto Animation
Filler/Gap/Break debate for popular anime
Other anime this season (including the Fruits Basket remake)
Danberu nan kilo moteru?

Aftershow: Attack on Titan latest manga chapters

Episode 79: Anime and Manga Corner X

Bastards of Kingsgrave reaches our tenth Anime and Manga Corner. Our usual anime/manga crew is joined by returning guest host Zach (Alias) to discuss the One Punch Man season 2 news and the latest season of My Hero Academia. Then we continue onward with the latest spoiler discussions of Attack on Titan (including what has gone wrong with the manga), One Punch Man, and Watamote, along with an assortment of other anime and manga we are keeping up with.

Episode 79 download link (right click and download).

Episode 66: Warcraft


Bastards of Kingsgrave returns to movie reviews to cover one of the most controversial movies of the summer, Wacraft. Joined by Thomas (FTWard) and Zach (Alias), we consider it from a collective  Wacraft background that includes experiences from Warcraft 1/2/3 to WOW and most recently Hearthstone.

Episode 66 download link (right click and download).

Notes: Below are the Warcraft trailer with War2 sounds and the Wacraft 1 intro that could easily be talking about the movie.

Episode 60: Hearthstone IV

Bastards of Kingsgrave’s Hearthstone crew returns to discuss the upcoming League of Explorers Adventure Mode.  We discuss all of the upcoming cards and come up with top lists for constructed, arena, and BOK’s arena game (Scorpions and Snakes). We chat about the recent Hearthstone World Championship at Blizzcon, tavern brawls, and the problems and challenges the game continues to face.

Notes: We assume everyone listening this time is familiar with the game, if you are not, check out our first two episode (the first introduces the game and the second covers arena drafting and strategy). We get into the full League of Explorers card discussion around 9 minutes in.

General top 7 list of constructed cards we came up with:

Brann Bronzbeard, Forgotten Torch, Keeper of Uldaman, Naga Sea Witch, Raven Idol, Animated Armor, Entombed


Episode 60 download link (right click and download).

Episode 57: Hearthstone III


AKA “The Ice Dragon” – Amin’s favourite new TGT card

Bastards of Kingsgrave returns with the third episode in our Hearthstone series.  We discuss many of the revealed cards for the upcoming Grand Tournament expansion. We chat about our favourite classes and play styles, including which gold heroes we have or are close to achieving.

Notes: We assume everyone listening this time is familiar with the game, if you are not, check out our first two episode (the first introduces the game and the second covers arena drafting and strategy). The draft of the “paladin dragon” arena deck did not make it into the aftershow; the deck went 3-0 before we sopped playing to recording the main show.

Episode 57 download link (right click and download).


Not actually drawn by Luis Royo

Episode 36: Hearthstone

Amin’s favourite priest card

Bastards of Kingsgrave returns with another gaming podcast, this time covering the current gaming phenomenon that is Hearthstone, created by Blizzard. Joined by some experienced Vassals who have been playing since beta, we cover the upcoming expansion and debate the potential sexism in the game and gaming community.

Notes: This is the tournament article  we discussed. Hearthhead is the very useful website that Jerek is the site manager for.

Episode 36 download link (right click and download).