Episode 58: Ore Monogatari II


Bastards of Kingsgrave’s trusted anime/manga crew returns to continue our coverage of Ore Monogatarii / My Love Story. We talk about the latest anime episodes, leading up to just before the final episode.


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Episode 57: Hearthstone III


AKA “The Ice Dragon” – Amin’s favourite new TGT card

Bastards of Kingsgrave returns with the third episode in our Hearthstone series.  We discuss many of the revealed cards for the upcoming Grand Tournament expansion. We chat about our favourite classes and play styles, including which gold heroes we have or are close to achieving.

Notes: We assume everyone listening this time is familiar with the game, if you are not, check out our first two episode (the first introduces the game and the second covers arena drafting and strategy). The draft of the “paladin dragon” arena deck did not make it into the aftershow; the deck went 3-0 before we sopped playing to recording the main show.

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Not actually drawn by Luis Royo

Episode 56: Anime North 2015


Ashley returns once again for our review of Anime North 2015, held in Toronto, Canada. We cover our experiences at the convention, taking part as panelists (including for Game of Thrones, Madoka Magica, the Legend of Korra) and staying at the International Plaza Hotel. We cover the good and bad of the convention, while already planning our attendance and panels for next year.

Notes: We recorded a few audio clips (lower quality audio) at the convention itself each night, which are added to the end of this podcast after the end music . The convention itself marked the three year anniversary of the founding of the Bastards of Kingsgrave podcast!

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Episode 55: Anime and Manga Corner V


Bastards of Kingsgrave returns with our fifth Anime and Manga Corner, one year after starting them. Joined by Vassals of Kingsgrave Bill (Mrkorb) and Bing (Shoeshiner), we discuss s the latest episodes of Ore Monogatari and the latest chapters of Attack on Titan. Bill wraps up his review of Crystal, while Amin discusses anime/manga panels he attended at San Diego Comic Con 2015.

Notes: All discussions are spoiler filled, as usual. Sorry for the audio quality, which is quite low this episode.

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Episode 54: Jurassic World


Bastards of Kingsgrave provides a spoiler full review of Jurassic World.


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Episode 53: Ore Monogatari!!

Bastards of Kingsgrave’s trusted anime/manga crew returns to cover Ore Monogatarii!! / My Love Story!!. The gentlemen are joined by anime newcomer Amber (amberrocks) to do a review of the first three episodes in the recent anime adaptation. We then switch over (41:30) to a spoiler filled review of the latest translated manga volume for the series. We also cover crossover manga : Ore Koi!! and Ore Koi!!


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Episode 52: Avatar The Rift, Part III


Vassal of Kingsgrave’s Legend of Korra crew returns to Bastards of Kingsgrave to cover the epic conclusion to the latest Avatar Comic, Avatar: The Last Airbender – The Rift Part 3. We also discuss the upcoming fourth Comic at the end of the episode: Smoke and Shadow.

Notes: This episode contains spoilers for all of The Legend of Korra.

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