Episode 52: Avatar The Rift, Part III


Vassal of Kingsgrave’s Legend of Korra crew returns to Bastards of Kingsgrave to cover the epic conclusion to the latest Avatar Comic, Avatar: The Last Airbender – The Rift Part 3. We also discuss the upcoming fourth Comic at the end of the episode: Smoke and Shadow.

Notes: This episode contains spoilers for all of The Legend of Korra.

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VOK Nominated for the Annual Podcast Awards!!

PodcastAwards4Thanks to the loyal listeners of House Manwoody (and the APOIAF crew), the Vassals of Kingsgrave have been nominated for the 10th Annual Podcast Awards.

“Well that’s great,” I hear you say, “but how could I possibly help you dethrone the gargantuan competition? I’m only one person with an internet connection.” Well, humble listener, the fact is, you hold all the power. You can vote. And here’s how…

Step 1: Go to this website: http://www.PodcastAwards.com/
Step 2: Select “Vassals of Kingsgrave” in the General category.
Step 3: Scroll to the bottom, and enter your name and email, followed by “Submit”.
Step 4: Go to your email inbox, and verify your vote.
Step 5: Have a Kit Kat. You’ve earned it! ;)


Voting closes on March 24, at 2100 EST. However, you can vote each and every one of those 22 days, starting with today.

So be sure to share, retweet, reblog, do whatever it is Tumblr does, and loose your ravens to every corner of the realm.


Episode 51: Run to Starlight and The Last Super Bowl Game

Bastards of Kingsgrave continues our reviews of George RR Martin’s earlier works with two short stories from the 1970s. With the football season ending and the Super Bowl this past weekend, it seemed only appropriate to cover Run to Starlight and The Last Super Bowl. We provide a spoiler filled discussion of both works, with the podcasting crew divided over the former, while united in appreciation for the latter.

Notes: The episode was recorded before the Super Bowl, which explains the pro-Seahawks hopes.

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Episode 50: Anime and Manga Corner IV


Bastards of Kingsgrave returns with our fourth Anime and Manga Corner. Joined by Vassals of Kingsgrave Bill (Mrkorb) and Bing (Shoeshiner), we cover some romance themed anime in an appreciation for the upcoming Valentine’s Day. On the manga end, we discuss the latest chapter of Ore Monogatari. On the anime side, the crew deals with the bizarre in Nazo no Kanejo X, the grotesque in School Days, and the awkwardly cute in Kimi no Todoke. As a bonus, we also discuss Princess Jellyfish.

Notes: All discussions are spoiler filled, as usual.

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Ore monogatari (2)

Episode 49: Hearthstone II


Bastards of Kingsgrave starts off the new year with a return to the growing gaming phenomenon that is Hearthstone, created by Blizzard. We review and rate the new expansion Goblins vs Gnomes. We also go explore arena strategy, covering terminology like Mana Curve, the Vanilla Test. and Quadrant Theory in the Hearthstone Arena context. We do a full Arena draft (Paladin) using these principles. To appease the requests from  the last episode, we do a “BOK Arena” draft in the aftershow, applying the famous snakes and scorpions game to Hearthstone.

Notes: Later this week, there will be a Youtube link here to a playthrough of the drafted Arena  deck, as well as our round robin play with the themed decks. We discover the true power  of Violet Teacher.


Final Arena Result

Second half of deck

Second half of deck

Episode 49 download link (right click and download).

Episode 48: Anime and Manga Corner III


Bastards of Kingsgrave returns with our third Anime and Manga Corner episode. Joined by Vassals of Kingsgrave Bill (Mrkorb) and Bing (Shoeshiner), we start off with a discussion about age and the anime fandom. We cover the final chapters of Koe no Katachi (6:16 min in to 9:45)  and the latest chapter of Attack on Titan (9:45 – 20:45).  After a quick update on Crystal, we review the manga Ore Monogatarii! (25:35 –  35:20) and the anime/manga Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun (35:20 onwards)  with our usual full spoiler discussion.

Episode 48 download link (right click and download).


Episode 47: The Monkey Treatment and The Pear-Shaped Man


Bastards of Kingsgrave continues our reviews of George RR Martin’s earlier works, this time focusing on horror. We have an in-depth, spoiler filled discussion about The Monkey Treatment and The Pear-Shaped Man, both available in Dreamsongs. We debate about the origin of the “Monkey Lords” and “Cheez Lords”, drawing disturbing connections between both stories. To your delight or horror, this is the longest BOK episode recorded and produced to date, including a reading from the The Pear-Shaped Man. You will never look at Cheez Doodles the same way again.

Notes: The Cheez Doodles webpage and Facebook page were thoroughly explored during the podcast aftershow. The short stories are most readily available Dreamsongs Volume 1. We will be continuing our Martinsphere reviews, submit your questions here or in the BOK subforum.

Episode 47 download link (right click and download).