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Episode 57: Hearthstone III


AKA “The Ice Dragon” – Amin’s favourite new TGT card

Bastards of Kingsgrave returns with the third episode in our Hearthstone series.  We discuss many of the revealed cards for the upcoming Grand Tournament expansion. We chat about our favourite classes and play styles, including which gold heroes we have or are close to achieving.

Notes: We assume everyone listening this time is familiar with the game, if you are not, check out our first two episode (the first introduces the game and the second covers arena drafting and strategy). The draft of the “paladin dragon” arena deck did not make it into the aftershow; the deck went 3-0 before we sopped playing to recording the main show.

Episode 57 download link (right click and download).


Not actually drawn by Luis Royo

Episode 31: Mount and Blade Warband

221494-stranger (1)221495-stranger

The second gaming related episode of the Bastards of Kingsgrave, we take a nostalgic look at the classic game Mount and Blade, as well as the multiplayer (PC Steam DRM) successor Mount and Blade: Warband. Guests hosts and “manhunters” David and MadScientist round out the panel of three for this episode.

Episode 31 download link (right click and download).