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Episode 47: The Monkey Treatment and The Pear-Shaped Man


Bastards of Kingsgrave continues our reviews of George RR Martin’s earlier works, this time focusing on horror. We have an in-depth, spoiler filled discussion about The Monkey Treatment and The Pear-Shaped Man, both available in Dreamsongs. We debate about the origin of the “Monkey Lords” and “Cheez Lords”, drawing disturbing connections between both stories. To your delight or horror, this is the longest BOK episode recorded and produced to date, including a reading from the The Pear-Shaped Man. You will never look at Cheez Doodles the same way again.

Notes: The Cheez Doodles webpage and Facebook page were thoroughly explored during the podcast aftershow. The short stories are most readily available Dreamsongs Volume 1. We will be continuing our Martinsphere reviews, submit your questions here or in the BOK subforum.

Episode 47 download link (right click and download).