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Episode 24: Attack on Titan (Manga)


Amin and Ashley are joined once again by Carly to cover Attack on Titan, the manga (up to early November 2013). We discuss a variety of personal theories and theories from the general fandom, as well as our thoughts on the manga in general. It is an episode filled with Ice and Fire references (perhaps the most ever, the most cringing certainly), creaking doors, and an updated version of our Snakes and Scorpions game for the manga.

Episode 24 download link (right click and download).

Episode 21: Attack on Titan (Anime)


Amin and Ashley are joined by Carly to cover Attack on Titan, the anime. We have an extensive aftershow filled with shipping, creaking doors, and a failed attempt to define the scorpions in the snakes and scorpions game. At the end of the very end of the aftershow (~1hour, 24 minutes in), we cover some material that may have manga spoilers (borderline, but there) so heed the spoiler warning there and avoid it if you wish.

As noted in the episode, if you would like to nominate Bastards of Kingsgrave for the Podcast Awards, please do so by October 15th via the nomination form there, under Cultural/Arts. You may fill out what you enjoy about our podcast in the comments box 🙂

Episode 21 download: Right click and save the download link.